How To Sell More On Amazon!

Amazon can be an immense market place and chance for the two vendors and affiliates to earn cash. And if you are wondering how to offer more about Amazon and therefore are seriously looking for chances, use these four hints and you’re going to see a radical advancement.

In case you are a Joint Venture Partner:

Hint #1): Try and sell what’s attempting to sell most on Amazon. If you execute a Google search for “Amazon best seller list”, you’ll come across a connection at the cover of the page that may reveal to you a listing of probably the absolute most popular and most popular products on Amazon at an existing moment. All you have to do is make websites and blogs and encourage all these sexy items. It’s really fairly straightforward. Even though most Amazon commissions aren’t really that high, target for encouraging costly items to get a improved commission or even when there are no, attempting to sell cheaper products does add up to major bucks amazon selling tips blog.

If you’re a vendor:

Tip number1: This tip is almost indistinguishable to the affiliate hint above, however, relates to distributors and may yield greater revenue. Find out which products are available on amazon working with the above mentioned trick, buy those goods wholesale, and also sell them. When there is just a favorite DVD or book being sold on Amazon, you can perform an internet lookup on Google to get “ebook title wholesale” and find lots of distributors selling tons of the exact same novels to get a less expensive cost. This is how many top sellers that earn an income doing this and businesses sell on Amazon.

Hint #2: Price your goods less than the competition. In the event you market on Amazon, notably popular things, you likely’ll be competing from other vendors in a bidding war, and also the person who prices their item/s less will likely arrive higher to the list and also be positive to market. Therefore to be able to beat the very best vendor, you’ve got to price your item/s less. But how far can you go before you purchase too little? The answer will be 1 Penny. Believe it or not, inch penny less may make 9 out of 10 persons look at your thing more. What sounds cheaper? $299.99 , or $300.00? I believe we all understand the reply!

Hint #3: Utilize an auto repricing software. If you create it big onto Amazon and start out to sell 10, 50 or even more items at an identical moment, you’re discover it is extremely difficult to keep an eye on every product and that bidding much less than you personally or longer. In-fact think of this for a 2nd: Picture you might have 10 objects being recorded on Amazon and you also can’t keep track of 10. As soon as you price 1 item less, you may encounter another item you posted gets outbid with someone, so that as you fix your price there, the next individual outbids another product.

The further you have to sell to Amazon, the far more difficult this becomes. So what’s the alternative? An auto-repricing tool that ostensibly an application program which collects each one of your products and automatically bids less each time someone attempts to out bid you.

Here is a good example: You have 100 things being listed on Amazon. The automobile repricing tool will simply take your top competitors price and bid less-than him to seem higher on the record (you are able to correct how much less you want it to become priced) so even when a new competitor appears, your car reprice device will adjust it has price constantly leaving each of the worries of continual monitoring futile!

Start Monument Valley Tours From Las Vegas

Monument Valley is a protected area in Arizona, and is considered one of the most spectacular views on earth. It has been the backdrop for more than a few westerns that have been filmed, due to its ability to combine a picturesque backdrop and also reflect the desolation and wide open spaces of the American southwest. Each year, thousands of tourists plan to visit this area in order to take in the views of the “monuments” stretching thousands of feet from the desert floor to the sky, but many abandon those plans when they find out just how far the area is from the nearest developed area.

If you are flying from your home to a place that will serve as the starting place for your trip to Monument Valley, you will probably want to fly into Las Vegas, as the airport serves as one of the busiest in the country. Because of this fact, you will have far more choices of flights and better airfares than if you fly into a less popular airport. Many of the small towns that are in the surrounding area of Monument Valley may be closer, but will have little to offer as far as airlines that can land at a nearby airport, or hotels and restaurants. Monument Valley is 6.5 hours from Las Vegas through some of the most desolate areas in the country, so you are going to want to plan accordingly.

One of the best suggestions is to plan your trip from Las Vegas to Monument Valley as part of a bigger trip offered by one of the tour operators that provide adventure tours from Las Vegas as a starting point. Most of these businesses will offer Monument Valley in combination with Zion Canyon, the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon, due to the fact that the parks can be visited as part of a “tour loop” that will travel from Las Vegas to Zion, then on to the other parks from there. Zion is only a few hours from Las Vegas, and is spectacular in its own right. Because it can be used as a first stop that will be halfway between Las Vegas and Monument Valley, the visitors will be able to utilize more of their day at the park and less time driveling for echo day of the tour. This provides visitors with an experience of multiple parks with the least amount of drive time to each one.

Adventures Increase Long-Term Happiness

As humans, we strive for many things in life. Some people strive for materialistic things, such as cars, houses, and land. Others strive to have “successful” jobs such as being an actor/actress, or becoming a famous writer. But, regardless of what life path we decide to take, there is one thing that everyone equally strives for – happiness. One of the hardest things we encounter in our quest of positivity is finding ways to achieve happiness in the long run. And, in all honesty, the answer is all around us.

Adventuring has the power to change our entire lives. Not only is the feeling of conquering a daring mountain or travelling to a different country something beyond explainable, the experiences and memories we form are scientifically proven to create long-term happiness. In 2015, a US study showed that people who sought experiences and adventured into the world proved to be happier than people who hunted materialistic items.

The first story of Jo Piazza is an astounding one. When she was in her mid 30’s, she was diagnosed with a rare muscle disorder. It would stiffen her muscles leading to her suffering pain and difficulty with activities such as walking. She had recently married her husband, Nick, when the diagnoses happened. Despite her obvious physical restrictions, she was destined to accomplish something great. Jo felt that she was holding Nick back and tried to convince him to divorce her. She wanted him to live the best life he could and continue doing the things she wouldn’t allow him to do, such as biking, climbing, and hiking. But, despite her limitations, he stuck with her.

And, after some time of talking, the two decided to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, a volcano located in Tanzania (as well as the highest point in Africa). Over the course of the climb, their relationship was strained. Jo felt like her deteriorating health held Nick back, and Nick blamed himself for not helping her more. However, despite their clear issues, the two made it up most of the mountain. On the third day of climbing, Nick sustained an injury, causing them to descend down the mountain. Jo was suffering from a disability that put her body and relationship under the most stress they’d ever been in. When she descended down the mountain, she didn’t feel defeated- she felt happier and stronger than ever. She was able to prove to herself that she was capable of so much more than she’d thought before, and was happy to say that her relationship with Nick had never been better.

Another story is the one of Royce Hardman. Royce was an Australian soldier who served in Afghanistan in 2009. Upon his return home from deployment, he was diagnosed with PTSD. Because of this illness, he would often suffer flashbacks and fall victim to mental outbursts. He started to isolate himself from others and face symptoms similar to that of deep depressions. It wasn’t before long that he felt he needed to do something about it. His solution was to help himself, as well as any other veterans with PTSD, by walking across Australia with his dog, Trigger.

He started walking across the country, starting in Perth. Everyday, for 12 hours, he would walk with his dog and gain as much ground as he could. His story was shared across social media and he formed quite an online following. But, despite the support, his body caught up with him. He started enduring many injuries and physical and mental struggles, resulting in his journey being halted numerous times. And, in 2016, he had to call his journey off. Despite the intense pain and numerous obstacles he had to overcome, Royce didn’t feel like he failed himself or others. He explained that the trip not only showed him how strong the mind and body really are, but it gave him a new purpose. After leaving the military, he struggled to find something that made him happy. It wasn’t before long that he found it in his adventure across Australia and through the help he provided to thousands of other veterans suffering from PTSD.

Visit Pakistan For A Memorable Vacation Trip

If you have a small budget and want to visit a country with diverse culture, unspoiled natural beauty, ancient history, centuries old traditions and the delicious food, then there is no place in the world better than Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are so friendly, helpful and hospitable with foreign tourists that you will not only enjoy your stay in this country but also take back home the sweet memories of your visit.

Most foreign tourists are afraid of the security situation in Pakistan and thus avoid visiting this country. In fact, the situation is not really as bad as being projected by the media reports. Pakistan is overall a safe country for foreign tourists though some parts of the country are not safe and must be avoided. I am giving below some safe and worth visiting places. This will be helpful in planning your visit to Pakistan so that you have the safest, most beneficial and enjoyable vacations.


Start your visit from Islamabad, the green and beautiful capital city of Pakistan. Some of the most interesting and must visit places of Islamabad are: Lok Versa Heritage and Museum, Pakistan Monument and Museum, Lake View Park, Saidpur Village (an old beautiful village of the Mughal era), Faisal Mosque (the largest mosque of South Asia). If interested in hiking then there are many hiking routes in the scenic Margalla Hills. Pir Sohawa, on top of Margalla Hills, is another place worth visiting. You can have lunch or dinner at the restaurant there and enjoy the delicious food as well as the fascinating view of the city.


If you are interested in the archeological sites, dates back to Buddhist era (600 BC to 500 AD) then go to Taxila, a historical city 35 km away from Islamabad. There are 50 archeological sites scattered in an area of 30 km around Taxila. Some important sites are: Bhir Mound, Sirkap, Jandial Temple, Jaulian Monastery and Dhamarajika Stupa and Monastery. The great Gandhara civilization ruled this part of the world for over 1000 years. If you are in Taxila then you must visit the Taxila Museum which has a great collection of about 4000 Gandhara Art items including the stone Buddha sculptures.

Murree, Patriata, Ayubia

Only 35 kilometers away from Islamabad is the beautiful hill station Murree, called the Queen of the Hills. You can enjoy whole day there walking, hiking, riding the chairlifts or do the shopping. There are many shops on the Mall Road and in the adjacent streets that offer a lot of merchandize of tourist attraction. Many hotels and restaurants are also situated there.

Another beautiful place Patriata (also known as New Murree), is 15 km away from the main Mall Road, Murree. Patriata attracts lot of tourists due to its height and the cable car/chairlift that gives great view of the green hills and the forests. Ayubia National Park is 25 km from Murree and is well known for its picnic spots, hiking places, trails and a chairlift that takes the tourists to a nearby summit for a scenic view of the surrounding hills.

Khewra Salt Mines

Khewra Salt Mines, the world’s second largest salt mines, are 190 km away from Islamabad and the travel distance is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes by road. These mines were discovered by the soldiers of Alexander the Great, who noticed their horses licking the salt rocks while staying at Khewra. In the 13th century, the commercial salt mining started in Khewra. During the British colonial rule, the mines were modernized with the building of tunnels, rail link, electricity and a soda ash plant.

In 2002, the old portions of the mines were converted into a popular tourist destination that attracts around 200,000 visitors each year. Tourists can walk into the tunnel or take a train ride upto the main recreation area where everything is artistically created with white, pink and red salt. There is a mosque, a model of Minar-e-Pakistan (Pakistan Tower), Shish Mahal (Palace of Mirrors) a post office, a restaurant and stalls selling decoration pieces created out of salt rocks. The reflection of light, through the crystal clear salt, make this area look like a fairy tale place where fantasy becomes a reality. There is also Assembly Hall, Brine Chambers, Pulsarat (25 feet long bridge without pillars), salt ponds illuminated with fancy lights and a tree root that does not catch fire. Guides are available there to answer your questions and to give you detailed information about the mines.


A 4 hour drive by a car or a luxury bus on the motorway can take you to the heart of Pakistan, the historical city of Lahore. If you are in Pakistan and did not see Lahore then you have seen nothing. Lahore is the centre of educational institutions and universities, historical sites, tombs and shrines, mosques, gardens, arts and literature, folk music and culture, festivals and foods. Some must see places are: Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort), Badshahi Masjid, Shalimar Gardens, Lahore Museum, Tomb of Emperor Jahangir, Data Darbar (Shrine of a Sufi Saint Data Gang Bakhsh who lived there more than 900 years ago), the old walled city and the food streets. People of Lahore welcome foreign tourists wholeheartedly and are very friendly with them.

Kaghan Valley

Kaghan, 270 km from Islamabad is a popular summer resort. It’s a 160 kilometer long valley, starting from an elevation of 2,134 feet upto 13,690 feet. The pine forests, alpine meadows, flowers, crystal clear lakes, and cool mountain streams of the valley all welcome you to enjoy your vacations in this natural wonderland.

The town of Naran in the Kaghan Valley, is a place where most tourists like to stay to enjoy short one day trips to Lake Saiful Muluk, Lalazar, Lake Lulusar and Babusar Pass. Most visited place is the legendary Lake Saiful Muluk which is surrounded by impressive snow clad mountains and crowned by the summit of Malika Parbat (Queen of the Mountains).

Shogran is, no doubt, the most beautiful plateau in the valley due to beautiful natural landscape with wild flowers and lush green meadows. A wonderful excursion trip by jeep from Shogran through an eight kilometer rough road takes you to the height of 2300 feet to the siri and paye, a lush green meadow, from where you can have a spectacular view of Malika Parbat.

Why Edakkal Caves Exert a Pull on the Tourists

Edakkal caves in North Kerala are regarded as one of the oldest centres of human inhabitation. They depict nature’s skill and theories on architecture. Wayanad is one of the most famous places of South India.

The blossoming, lovely district of Wayanad boasts of many extremely picturesque scenes in India. Nestled in the Western Ghats, the fertile place gets its name from the phrase ‘wayal-nadu’, denotation the land of fields. Misty mountains, gushing waterfalls, calm lakes, lush fields and thick forests make Wayanad an ideal tourist spot.

Sai Gardens, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Shiva Temple, Ambukuthi Mala Lake, Heritage Museum, Manjapaara Quarry, Phantom Rock are some of the most fascinated places to visit in Wayanad.

However, Edakkal caves have their own importance. Relics of the past are stored in these caves and people who love history found these caves to be very interesting to visit. Wildlife buffs already find South India their loved destination because of the diverse flora and fauna of the South. Due to the availability of so many budget hotels in Wayanad, it has become a favourite of tourists.

Inside the Caves

Many interesting things could be seen inside the caves. Old stone script, the swastik form, pictorial wall engravings of human and animal figures with unusual headdresses signs and cave illustrations of human figures, bows, trees and a lot more can be seen inside the caves. These caves are a miracle and a mystery for many archaeologists and historians alike. All these things link back to the ancient times.


A lot of legends are linked with the enormous crevices at Edakkal. People believe that Lord Rama was one of the former visitors of this region. He shot an arrow which pricked the highland and made a deep cleft there. Local inhabitants link local divinities with the caves and several idols near the caves could be seen.

Linkage to Indus Valley Civilization

In Edakkal Caves about 400 symbols were lately recognized and have significant association with the Indus Valley Civilisation. The main one, “a man with jar cup” representation from Edakkal Caves appears to be more alike the Indus motif than those already recognized from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Beauty of the Caves

Edakkal Caves, one of the most captivating spots in Wayanad are a gem of appealing petroglyphs or stone carvings dating back to 6000 BC. A hike to these caves will gratify you with some of the best sites of South India, therefore, this hike is regarded as one the most favourite things to do in Wayanad.

South India is an abode of unlimited natural beauty. The soothing landscape, enthralling backwaters, mesmerizing spices, scrumptious cuisine make South India a top sought after destination for enjoyable jaunts. Now days, availability of all types of resorts and hotels has made it much more convenient to explore South.

Five Activities to Help You Escape From Life

Everyone needs a break at times. The hustle and bustle of being a mother or father combined with work and constantly needing to be somewhere can take its toll on both the body and mind. When the mind does not get a break, it results in mental illness. When the body does not get a break, it gets worn down, the immune system grows weak and diseases like cancer start to develop.

Instead of letting the modern world destroy the body and mind, use these five activities to give it the break that it desperately needs.

Wild camp

Wild camp provides everyone with a break from the modern world. There are no noisy highways or tall buildings. Instead, wild camp is just a few good friends and the great outdoors. Families do not need to have experience with this to book an event.

Instead, experienced staff will help everyone that wants to participate in wild camp eat food that is cooked over a roaring fire, learn new and fun skills and they will guarantee that everyone gets the break that they need.


Surfing is a fun way to get a workout (so it can double as getting a daily dose of cardio), and it’s nice to get out and enjoy the sunlight. Picking up a new hobby or sport can help take anyone’s mind off the day to day stress that never seems to stop.

Taking a class will help individuals make new friends, and learn a new skill that will take them away from busy cities.

Regular massage

Thai massage has proven to be effective in treating a wealth of both mental illnesses and physical illnesses. It encourages the brain to release the same endorphins that are released during exercise to improve a person’s mood, and it can help the body get rid of harmful toxins that are responsible for disease and sickness.

The benefits of Thai massage don’t stop there. This type of massage is often referred to as “yoga for the lazy” because it has the same relaxing, refreshing effect on the body as a session of yoga. The only difference is that during a Thai massage, the recipient does not have to move a muscle.


Sometimes, getting away for a weekend for wild camp or taking an entire day to ride the waves is simply not possible. When a schedule is jam packed full of activities, the mind and body need to relax more than ever before. Make this happen by practicing a few easy to use meditation techniques daily.

Meditating daily will help improve an individual’s mood, lessen the impact that stress has on the body and mind, improve mental clarity and even improve a person’s coping skills. All of this can happen in just ten or thirty minutes a day.

It is recommended that individuals find a quiet spot to meditate, but sometimes the breathing exercises used in meditation can also work wonders in the middle of a traffic jam that is going to last for hours.

Finding the time to relax and get away from life is a necessity to living a long, healthy life. It gives the mind and body a break that they need, and allows them to repair themselves, preventing sickness, disease and allowing them to repair themselves.

When people do not get this break, they wind up sick, with mental illnesses and, eventually, they are burnt out. When this happens, they crash, unable to get out of bed. This can easily be prevented with a few days off for a wild camp or ten minutes a day spent meditating.